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·What Transport Methods for Acrylic Display Racks is Better?

[2018-12-07]Acrylic display stands have many advantages that wood and metal display stands can't replace, such as light weight, various surface processing methods, good color rendering and so on. Many customers are interested in using acrylic to customize the display for the product, but often ignore the transportation factor. Acrylic is relatively fragile c...

·Most of Big Perfume Brands Trusting Display Stand, I Believe you will not Miss it.

[2018-11-15]It embodies the positioning, taste, temperament and understanding of consumers of a perfume or perfume brand. Almost all perfume consumers say they value the design of the perfume display stand, see its shape, material, touch, design elements and so on.

·2018 National Day Holiday Notice of Elegance POS Display

[2018-09-26]National Day is the "Golden Week" holiday in mainland China. National Day's legal vacation time is 3 days, and the two weekends before and after will be adjusted to a total of 7 days. Now national Day is coming, our company decided to take holiday on October 1, 2018, to the 7th. And we will get back to work at October 8, 2018.

·2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice of Elegance POS Display

[2018-09-19]September 24, 2018 is a day of traditional Chinese festival-----Mid-Autumn Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, our company decided to have a holiday on September 22, 2018 to the 24th. And officially went to work on the 25th.

·Why Do We Need to Choose High-end and Fashionable Cosmetics Display Rack for a Brand?

[2018-09-12]What's your first thought when you think about high fashion? The Victoria's secret angel show? French haute couture? In the past decade, cosmetics have presented a trend worth paying attention to. Why do we need to choose high-end and fashionable cosmetics display rack for a brand?

·How to Improve the Printing Effect of Acrylic Display Stand

[2018-09-05]Customers like to print their company logo on their custom acrylic display stands. However, many customers will ask such questions after seeing the effect of acrylic silk screen printing. Is this LOGO easily erased? In fact, acrylic is essentially a kind of plastic, and the surface is very easy to adhere to oily paint. As long as you don't...

·Cloud Shelf----a Leading Trend in Retail Experience

[2018-08-23]When the time that e-commerce is not popular, consumers can only buy goods on the street or retail shops. During the period when e-commerce became popular, people followed the trend to experience the convenience, quickness and fun of shopping on websites. Both of these situations are separate from the online and offline channels to experience ...

·Featured Retail Display Client: Beijing Tong Ren Tang

[2018-08-15]Elegance POS Display was very honored to customize the Cordyceps display stand for Beijing Tongrentang. Beijing Tongrentang is a famous and traditional brand in the Chinese medicine industry. Its products are well-known at home and abroad with "unique formula, superior materials, exquisite workmanship and remarkable curative effect". We customized C...

·Elegance POS Display Partner with MIMO to Design Unique Merchandising Solutions

[2018-08-08]In 2018, Elegance POS Display design and build the RP008533 & RP008534 & RP008535 water bar counter displays for MIMO. The brand approached us with a brief for slowdown and enjoy your personal time lifestyle. MIMO retail store taking the notion of curation to the extreme, we’re also witnessing the emergence of retail concepts resembling micro...

·How to use Advertising Stands to Improve the Front-end Sales?

[2018-08-01]In traditional ways, the front end of a store relay on the impulse items and upsell potential to improve sales. But in this new retail century, definitions have changed already. In recent years, the field of daily necessities also appears mijia youpin, miniso such channel brands. They use hot style thinking to develop their own products.

·Retail Shop should Innovate it for Outstanding

[2018-07-27]If a brand would like to continue to be the leaders in their respective markets. In that way, shop should innovate it for Outstanding. Displays help build sales because they stop the customer in their tracks and persuades them to select an item they hadn’t necessarily considered. Properly built merchandising displays give them hope that what...

·How can we Help Retailers make Retail Store Concept Success?

[2018-07-25]We believe that much of the success of the retail store concept lies in the ability to enable consumers to test, try and visualize products in context. Moreover, now many concept retail stores change the layout and theme very often. For example, Story, a New York concept retailer, will completely change its face every four to eight weeks to...

·Capacity Upgrade——Elegance POS Display New Purchase of Large Laser Machine and CNC Engraving Machine

[2018-07-20]The company's performance is steadily increasing year by year, and the factory scale is expanding every year. Since the end of 2016, the company has moved to Dongguan Hai Yong science and Technology Park, the factory area has expanded to 26000 square meters, and the capacity has increased to 2 times. In 2017, we introduced large scale electr...

·What Effect can the Merchandise Display Stand bring to the Store?

[2018-07-18]What is a merchandise display? The merchandise display is a combination of all the products displayed in the space from the inside to the outside of the store. It uses smart tools to promote the brand and product image. And what effect can it bring? The most important nature is to promote the performance and style of the product to the c...

·How to Optimize the User Experience in Retail Stores

[2018-07-16]The new retail industry is also a new attempt to reform the traditional retail industry combining online and offline advantages. Experience as a prominent advantage of a physical store will definitely be the top priority. How to optimize the user experience of a physical store? What are the means to effectively improve the user experience?

·How Does the Retail Industry Improve the Rate of Customer Buy-Back?

[2018-07-11]For many physical retailers, the development and operation of offline traffic is no less than the input of online traffic. Most of the sales volume of offline stores is mainly based on old customers, in order to avoid this part of the flow loss. Pushing a low price or promotion again may result in a second purchase, but the promotion of ...

·Retail Store Design and Visual Merchandising

[2018-07-06]Retail merchandising encourages a customer to shop in your store rather than in another, and most importantly, converts more shoppers into customers. How to engage a stranger and how to build rapport and trust, you probably want to know.

·Vinyl Record & Watch, Reproduce the Literary Retro Style——Watches Display

[2018-07-02]The inspiration for RP008648 comes from this, and the innovative "acrylic painting" technique is made of the antique black vinyl album. The top is surrounded by a layer of acrylic transparent cover. The display box body is made of black abrasive acrylic material. There is a natural beauty of low profile. It has a retro feel and works well ...

·New Manufacturing, Burning the Future.

[2018-06-27]Many international businesses will make some more complex designs in the American market, but they will produce display shelves in places such as China, because the price of Chinese labor is two to three times cheaper than that of the United States, and the skills of the workers are also exquisite.

·Buy a Cosmetics Display Rack, You Must Look at This!!!

[2018-06-25]What I can do for you is not to hide the product, nor to display it with a strong sense of advertising.What we can do is reflect the product's characteristics, unique quality, excellent service and advanced business philosophy.