We introduced an integrated management system
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We introduced an integrated management system


In order to improve the company's management level and enhance the enthusiasm of employees to work. In December 2019, we introduced an integrated management system.

We Introduced An Integrated Management System

Integrals are very important, let me introduce you to the following:

what is the integrated management system?

In the management of the integrals system, integrals are an important reference index to recognize the work of employees and reflect the value of employees. So integrals are both material rewards and spiritual rewards. Use the integrals to quantify the comprehensive performance of employees' work and life, and use integrals to evaluate.

In the management of the integrals system, the distribution of welfare treatment breaks the previous average distributionism. Therefore, more benefits will be preferentially assigned to outstanding employees with higher ranking integrals.

In order to get more bonuses and more benefits in the integral system, employees will be willing to work actively and serve the company, which fundamentally solves the motivation problem of employees. The integrals are used for ranking, which not only saves costs but also breaks the egalitarianism in distribution.

We Introduced An Integrated Management System

The integrals not only get a variety of benefits, but you can also exchange a variety of gifts!

The role of integral

The function of integrals is to "let outstanding employees do not suffer losses", "work more and earn more" and so on. For example: after having the integrals as the basis for selection, the annual departmental evaluation is no longer based on the traditional method of selection. Now the situation is: who is in the front, who is the representative of outstanding employees; the year-end bonus and welfare, it is also allocated according to the ranking of integrals.

Integrals increase the motivation of employees. The promotion of positions, the increase of wages, etc., as long as the reward resources provided by the company can be allocated according to the level of the integrals. In addition to the basis of these fixed rewards, integrals have other unexpected surprises.

We Introduced An Integrated Management System

The company holds happy meetings every month to reward excellent employees; it has a perfect reward and punishment mechanism and introduces an integral-based welfare program; the annual meeting will also be ranked according to integrals, rewarding employees with top integrals.

How do we earn integrals? Will new employees never catch up with old employees? Next, the editor will give you tips!

How to earn more integrals

There are four sources of integrals: starting integrals, fixed integrals, seniority integrals, or event library integrals (work category, behavior category). Event library integrals are one of the main ways for employees to earn integrals.

The integral system is a relatively fair system. In order to maintain a certain balance, the employees who joined the company that year, we are collectively called new employees and are divided into another ranking table. Separated from the old employees, the welfare benefits of the current year are allocated according to the ranking at the end of the year and then included in the array of old employees after the second year. Therefore, new employees can still catch up with the integral of old employees.

Do you have a preliminary understanding of the integral system? This is a positively motivated management system, let’s act quickly to earning integrals!

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