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Bespoke Project Process

Pearance of the display stand , it’s easier to obtain customers’ recognition and deepen their impression. Research shows that a product displayed with an acrylic rack can get 45% more visitors’ viewing rate and a 8.5% increase in sales.

Shopping mall, physical store’s common display equipment is the shelf, but the simple shelf display has been unable to attract the attention of consumers, so customizing the acrylic display stand with the brand and product elements as a supplement,will be more easily accepted by the current consumers.

Custom Acrylic Accessories Process

Acrylic (PMMA or plexiglass) is a plastic polymer material with good transparency, chemical stability, weatherability and ductility. And easy to dye , has beautiful appearance and is widely used in construction, advertising, medicine, electronics, manufacture ,lighting and other industries. 

Benefiting from the high plasticity of acrylic, many manufacturers use tacrylic parts to assist other main materials for finished processing.