Why Choose Responsyacrylic.com To Custom Acrylics
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Focus on custom POP & POS display since 2005. Fully owned by ELEGANCE POINT-OF-SALE DISPLAY, our factory was set up in Shenzhen in 2014 then moved to Dongguan in 2016. The plant is equipped with most advanced machines and experienced workers, can make all type of acrylic products.

Reliable quality

• Company’s plant covers an area of 2600 meters.
• Plant is outfitted with CNC, Laser cutting machine, diamond polishing machine, bending machine and other fine equipment and professional workers.
• Within every production process, we pass prenatal samples,confirmation, more than two of the mid-term inspection and final inspection by randomly picking up sample from packed goods to monitor the quality of product firmly.

Professional team

• The company has a number of senior product designers, engineers, quality inspection division and equipped with a sound service team to provide you with the best cost-effective design and production decision.
• Engineers with more than 8 years experience are to join in every process and in the case of ensuring the quality of products , the delivery cycle can be largely saved.

Safe packaging

• All custom displays through the 48 hours aging test can be packaged into the box .
• Products are usually designed for disassembly structure, flat packaging, freight is more saving.
• Customers can also request to increase the wooden frame or design packaging by mail order.

Our service

• All disassembly products are equipped with installation instructions, non-professionals can easily install the display rack.
• Batch orders are welcome. Q’ty is larger, price is lower. For customized products, our acceptable minimum order is 100 pcs or USD8,000, whichever is easier for you to meet.
Why Choose Responsyacrylic.com To Custom Acrylics