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·The new direction of the display rack industry is interactive display!

[2020-06-29]The displaying needs of modern enterprises are becoming personalized and efficient. The traditional static displaying and physical displaying is no longer meet the needs of modern enterprises and markets.

·Do you know the polishing techniques of these acrylic plates?

[2020-06-18]Acrylic plates are polished, bright and bright, and the light transmittance can reach more than 92%. It is usually used in the production of various display racks and boxes. The polished acrylic plate can be extended to prolong its service life. The common polishing techniques for acrylic plates are as follows: flame polishing, cloth wheel polishing, diamond polishing, and manual polishing.

·We introduced an integrated management system

[2020-06-11]In order to improve the company's management level and enhance the enthusiasm of employees to work. In December 2019, we introduced an integrated management system.

·Master user portraits, orders boom!

[2020-06-05]With the application of big data, innovation and personalized technology have become the development trend of this era. Enterprises are paying more attention to user portraits. User portraits enable companies to easily obtain wider user feedback via the Internet. It provides a sufficient data basis for further accurate and rapid analysis of busin...

·How the special-shaped acrylic products been processed?

[2020-05-28]How the special-shaped acrylic products been processed? Let me take you to understand the acrylic heat bending process!

·The difference between screen printing and UV digital printing process!

[2020-05-21]Acrylic printing process.The difference between screen printing and UV digital printing process!From the simple printing of lines, to ink printing,people are no longer satisfied with that. What people need is a printing method with clearer images and more obvious gradation, especially on acrylic products.

·Choose a high-quality display stand to create a hot-sales good product!

[2020-05-14]Choosing a high-quality display stand means to give the product a repackaging opportunity. The products in the market is not uniform, custom-made a product display rack, will make our products appear more professional, more prominent

·You are not short of products, what is missing is a display stand

[2020-03-02]Custom Display Stand Good for Personalised or Custom Logo Text Request,Responsy have 15 years experience in customized display rack.

·Acrylic display stand sticking tips

[2019-12-15]Acrylic display racks are often processed through cutting, grinding, polishing, bonding and other processes, and the bonding process is a very important link in the processing of acrylic display racks. The fastness of the bonding surface, the transparency, and the rationality of the bonding process directly affect the quality of acrylic crafts. A...

·Something About Acrylic Signs

[2019-11-08]Acrylic signs are more common, such asdoorplate, indicator, signboard, etc. These can be made of acrylic materials.Acrylic signs meaning signs made of acrylic. In usual, acrylic sign iscomposition with acrylic board, acrylic word, adhesives, and light-emittingtubes. Currently, acrylic sign is widely used in company, shopping mall, andkinds of commodi...

·Is the sales of red wine not good? Will it be related to the display stand!

[2019-10-17]Not all products have off-season and hotseasons, like red wine. There is demand all year round, not only in thefestival, but also in the large and small restaurants, hotels, bars, businesspeople, entertainment, dinner and weekend entertainment, however, there is sucha Why do products with more demand points have a bad sales situation?First of al...

·Daily maintenance of acrylic display stand

[2019-09-19]acrylic display stand,acrylic display,responsy display.responsy has been in the pop display industry since 2005,always focus on customized display production.


[2019-08-15]acrylic display,acrylic display rack,acrylic display stand

·Here are six points to distinguish the quality of the acrylic material

[2019-07-16]acrylic display become more popular,acrylic is a new material are integrating into our lives.i am acrylic display manufacturers

·What‘s the attraction of acrylics that are favored by custom acrylic display rack suppliers?

[2019-06-12]custom acrylic display rack suppliers,Acrylic display stand,Acrylic display rack.Acrylic display suppliers can also according to customer demand style be divided into desktop acrylic display stand, floor-standing display stand, hanging acrylic display stand, shaped acrylic display stand, rotating acrylic display stand, magnetic suspension acrylic display

·Elegance POS Display Monthly Subscription Package

[2019-03-28]This is elegance pos display monthly subscription pakage,we will update every month. In our monthly pakage, you will find FirstLook,our conpany news, display manufacturing processes,industry news, project case,etc. Please check back next next month for more details.

·Elegance POS Display First Time Exhibiting—Tailor-made Display for Audio Brands

[2019-03-27]Last week, the audio theme summit was unveiled. More than 4800 people attended the summit. Some big-name audio companies will be on hand; we actively join the audio summit, and further strengthen the ties between audio industrial associations and audio brands. And it was responsy first time to attend and be an exhibitor at audio summit.

·Elegance POS Display Spring Festival Holiday Notice

[2019-01-29]The Chinese traditional Spring Festival is coming. Our office will be closed from 4th Feb. to 10th Feb., and factory closed from 30th Jan. to 10th Feb. for Chinese New Year holiday.

·The use of POP Advertising Props in Supermarkets.

[2019-01-28]POP advertising is one of many forms of advertising. Its features are guided, fast, direct, and terminal. It is widely used in many fields and is the most widely used in shopping malls. It has a wide range of types, design and display are targeted, its main commercial purpose is to stimulate and guide consumers and activate the atmosphere of shopping malls.

·PK in the New Year Party–Which One is the Best Display Project of the Year?

[2019-01-23]In this annual meeting, we not only harvested joy, but also harvested growth. It is the hard work of the designers and engineers of the project team that brings us continuous innovation. Through this exhibition shelf project big PK, let us see that a company's ability is infinite, as long as we work together, we can create satisfaction and surprise for customers.