Acrylic display stand sticking tips
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Acrylic display stand sticking tips


Acrylic display racks are often processed through cutting, grinding, polishing, bonding and other processes, and the bonding process is a very important link in the processing of acrylic display racks. The fastness of the bonding surface, the transparency, and the rationality of the bonding process directly affect the quality of acrylic crafts. An exquisite workmanship and crystal clear handicrafts will be loved by people sincerely, while a rough but lacking aesthetic acrylic handicrafts will not cause people a little bit of interest. The quality of the bonding process directly affects the beauty and quality.

Acrylic display stand sticking tips

The bonding process of acrylic display racks is mainly affected by two aspects: one is the applicability of the adhesive itself, and the other is the bonding operation skills.
The strong bonding function of acrylic UV adhesive makes it have comprehensive and incomparable advantages in the acrylic bonding at home and worldwide. Acrylic UV adhesives, such as BONLE-3094 glue, are used at present.
How does the acrylic display stand adhere best?
1. In order to prevent the glue overflowing from contaminating the acrylic sheet, the method of sticking adhesive can be used to protect the parts that do not need to be bonded.
2. Grease, dust or air holes will affect the even coating of the glue layer and leave air bubbles. It must be removed carefully before bonding.
3. If the amount of glue is too small when bonding, it will cause shrinkage during the curing of the glue, and bring air into the bubble.
4. Indoor temperature and humidity and other factors also have a certain impact on the adhesion of acrylic products.
5. The stress on the surface of the acrylic board, the surface stress caused by the cutting tool and the degradation products will affect the bonding effect of the acrylic product.
6. Selection of acrylic materials, avoid using acrylic materials made from recycled materials on the market.
7. Use good acrylic UV glue, which can help you avoid the problem of bubbles in the acrylic display stand.
8. Acrylic materials have different light transmittance and UV intensity of UV curing lamps with different powers, and the time for complete curing is different. Before a large number of processing, a small patch test should be done to grasp the empirical data of the complete curing time. Just be careful and slow. Work slowly and carefully.

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