How the special-shaped acrylic products been processed?
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How the special-shaped acrylic products been processed?


How the special-shaped acrylic products been processed? Let me take you to understand the acrylic heat bending process!

According to past experience, most of customers have the request of special customization. This is because the products made by the process of special-shaped processing will be more unique, more beautiful, more appropriate to the elements of the brand. Heat bending process is one of the ways to achieve special-shaped requirement.

The heat bending process is a very common acrylic processing technology. Due to the plastic properties of acrylic, it can be manually processed to obtain the desired shape after heating, which is very convenient to process.

What technology is included in it? Here are two common heat bending processes:

Local heat bending

This is the most common method of heat bending in acrylic products, especially on acrylic table card holders. Place the part of acrylic where should be bent on the heating rod. Slowly heat the heating rod to make the place where the acrylic is bent to become soften, and then bend it to any shape you want. It is worth noting that in the process of heat bending, the temperature of the heating rod must be controlled, and it cannot be increased or decreased quickly, otherwise, it will easily cause problems such as pits and bubbles in the acrylic heat bending part, which will affect the appearance. In addition, the length of the heat bending cannot be too long. Too thick plates need to be softened in the oven to open the mold for heat bending. When the plates is 5cm thicker should be bent, micro-grooves are required to prevent bursting.

Overall heat bending

Due to the heating process of acrylic, there will inevitable heat concentration, resulting in uncontrollable thermal deformation. Therefore, for acrylic products that require large-area hot bending, molding is necessary. Put the acrylic to be bent into the oven and slowly increase the temperature. After the acrylic is softened, take it out and put it on the pre-made mold. After cooling, it can be molded. Compared with the local hot bending, the hot bending of the mold has the advantages of high precision and a more beautiful appearance.

If your brand or product needs such special-shaped customization, remember to get in touch with us as soon as possible! We will try our best to meet your requirements, provide you with the most professional services, and produce products that satisfy you.

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