Master user portraits, orders boom!
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Master user portraits, orders boom!


With the application of big data, innovation and personalized technology have become the development trend of this era. Enterprises are paying more attention to user portraits. User portraits enable companies to easily obtain wider user feedback via the Internet. It provides a sufficient data basis for further accurate and rapid analysis of business info such as user behavior and consumption habits. So what exactly is a user portrait?

Master user portraits, orders boom!

What is user portraits?

For example:

"Male, programmer, 25-30 years old, height 180CM, salary 18000-20000, 985 university, live in Chongqing city, unmarried, have girlfriend, like playing basketball, have mortgage, like Starbucks, often work overtime"

Such a series of descriptions are typical cases of user portraits. If described in one sentence, that is: user information labeling.

Of course, if your docking object is a person, it is a user portrait; but if your docking object is a company, it is a corporate portrait. The corporate portrait includes basic attributes (geographic location, development stage), transaction characteristics, industry information, etc.

Master user portraits, orders boom!

Master user portraits, orders boom!

Why we need user portraits?

User portraits can appear user’s information through a series of tags to salesperson. First, they can let the salesperson know what kind of group my customers are, the distribution of customer groups, and how to target customers' preferences or their investment preferences for precision marketing.

1.Provide direction guidance for company development

A good user portrait can help companies to conduct market insights and estimate market size, thereby assisting in setting staged goals, guiding major decisions, improving ROI (return on investment), and helping to avoid homogenization marketing.

2.Subdivide target groups, and position products accurately

User portraits can be crowd segmentation around the product to determine the core population of the product, which helps to determine product positioning and optimize product function points.

3.Establish data and analyze correctly

User portraits help build data assets, mine the value of data, make data analysis more accurate, and even allow data sharing to promote data circulation.

The role of user portraits?

1.Make the service object more focused

The user portrait can make the service object more focused. In the industry, we often see such phenomenon: making a product and expecting the target user to cover everyone, men, women, the elderly, children ... Usually such products will eventually disappear. Because each product serves a common standard for a specific target group, the higher the target group's cardinality, the lower the standard. In other words, if this product is suitable for everyone, then it is actually serving the lowest standards. Such products are either featureless or too crude.

2.Let the design truly consider for users

Looking at the successful product cases, the target users they serve are usually very clear and have obvious characteristics. Reflected in the product is focused, extreme, solve the core problem. For example, Apple ’s products have always served people who has attitudes, pursuit of quality, and independence .and have won a good reputation and market share. Another example is Douban, which has focused on the literary and artistic career for more than ten years and only serves young artists. The user stickiness is very high. The young artists can find bosom friend and find destination of there life voyage here.

Therefore, providing focused services to specific groups is far more successful than providing low-standard services to a wide range of people. Secondly, the user portrait can avoid the sloppy representation of users by product designers to a certain extent. Replacing Speak for users is a common phenomenon in product design. Product designers often unconsciously think that user expectations are consistent with theirs, and they are always under the guise of "serving users". The consequences of this are often: our carefully designed service, users do not buy it, and even feel bad.

Before Google Buzz came out, it had done nearly 20,000 user tests, but these people are Google's own employees. During the test, they expressed affirmation of many functions of Buzz, and they also found it very smooth to use. But when the product was actually launched, it unexpectedly received a lot of complaints from actual users. Therefore, we need to use the user portrait correctly, find out our own foothold and direction of force, and truly analyze the core demands from the user's perspective.

3.Improve decision efficiency

Finally, user portraits can also improve decision-making efficiency. In the current product design process, there are many participants in all links, differences are always inevitable, and decision-making efficiency will undoubtedly affect the progress of the project. The user portrait comes from the research of the target user. When all the people who participate in the product are discussing and making decisions based on a consistent user, it is easy to constrain all parties to stay in the same general direction and improve the efficiency of decision-making.

Master user portraits, orders boom!

In the analysis of customer portraits, we should form our own specific customer portraits according to the characteristics of our products. According to the user portraits and analysis, we can improve the goodness of fit between our users and our target users. So, you can try to start from this aspect to get more orders.

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