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·Do you know the polishing techniques of these acrylic plates?

[2020-06-18]Acrylic plates are polished, bright and bright, and the light transmittance can reach more than 92%. It is usually used in the production of various display racks and boxes. The polished acrylic plate can be extended to prolong its service life. The common polishing techniques for acrylic plates are as follows: flame polishing, cloth wheel polishing, diamond polishing, and manual polishing.

·How the special-shaped acrylic products been processed?

[2020-05-28]How the special-shaped acrylic products been processed? Let me take you to understand the acrylic heat bending process!

·The difference between screen printing and UV digital printing process!

[2020-05-21]Acrylic printing process.The difference between screen printing and UV digital printing process!From the simple printing of lines, to ink printing,people are no longer satisfied with that. What people need is a printing method with clearer images and more obvious gradation, especially on acrylic products.

·You are not short of products, what is missing is a display stand

[2020-03-02]Custom Display Stand Good for Personalised or Custom Logo Text Request,Responsy have 15 years experience in customized display rack.


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·Here are six points to distinguish the quality of the acrylic material

[2019-07-16]acrylic display become more popular,acrylic is a new material are integrating into our lives.i am acrylic display manufacturers

·What‘s the attraction of acrylics that are favored by custom acrylic display rack suppliers?

[2019-06-12]custom acrylic display rack suppliers,Acrylic display stand,Acrylic display rack.Acrylic display suppliers can also according to customer demand style be divided into desktop acrylic display stand, floor-standing display stand, hanging acrylic display stand, shaped acrylic display stand, rotating acrylic display stand, magnetic suspension acrylic display

·What Transport Methods for Acrylic Display Racks is Better?

[2018-12-07]Acrylic display stands have many advantages that wood and metal display stands can't replace, such as light weight, various surface processing methods, good color rendering and so on. Many customers are interested in using acrylic to customize the display for the product, but often ignore the transportation factor. Acrylic is relatively fragile c...

·2 Points we Need to Pay Attention to the Acrylic Display Cleaning

[2018-03-02]We often clean and maintain display stands to keep them glossy. However, some erroneous cleaning and maintenance methods can temporarily make the display rack clean, but actually cause potential damage to the display rack. There will be irreparable problems in the display rack. Especially the acrylic display stand, acrylic is a good display stan...

·What is the Difference between the New Acrylic Material and the Recycled Acrylic Materials

[2018-02-28]The same acrylic display frame, why do some prices are high, and some prices are low? It is because of there are high and low levels of acrylic materials. The recycled acrylic materials production technology is poor, produced degradation monomer purity is not high, and its quality are low after making the plate. It is cheaper than the new ...

·How to Enhance the Durability of the Acrylic Display Frame

[2018-01-26]Acrylic display shelf life is mainly decided by the acrylic plate’s quality. According to different casting methods, acrylic is divided into extruding board and pouring board. It is also divided into import board and domestic board according to different origin. According to the different points above, the acrylic plate has different durability.

·The right way of customizing multi-tier platform acrylic display rack

[2017-05-25]If you intend to customize tiered acrylic display racks in a professional company, you can ask their designers to widen the bottom of acrylic acrylic display, by doing which ,it helps to increase the stability of products and improve the visual effect, the expended areas from the bottom can also place some other products.