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·Master user portraits, orders boom!

[2020-06-05]With the application of big data, innovation and personalized technology have become the development trend of this era. Enterprises are paying more attention to user portraits. User portraits enable companies to easily obtain wider user feedback via the Internet. It provides a sufficient data basis for further accurate and rapid analysis of busin...

·What Technologies and Products are Worth Noticing on CES in 2019

[2019-01-10]On January 8, 2019, the largest and most influential international consumer electronics exhibition (CES) opened in Las Vegas. Many companies follow the pace of CES and use the annual stage to show their product technology. The five-day exhibition is bound to attract the attention of the world's scientific and technological media. For many exhibi...

·What are the Display Standards of the Big Supermarkets?

[2019-01-03]A good display is to make the terminal economic vitality. By attracting the attention of consumers, stimulate their desire to buy. In short, it is to enable products to "sell themselves". Let's see how the big supermarkets display goods:

·Cloud Shelf----a Leading Trend in Retail Experience

[2018-08-23]When the time that e-commerce is not popular, consumers can only buy goods on the street or retail shops. During the period when e-commerce became popular, people followed the trend to experience the convenience, quickness and fun of shopping on websites. Both of these situations are separate from the online and offline channels to experience ...

·How Does the Retail Industry Improve the Rate of Customer Buy-Back?

[2018-07-11]For many physical retailers, the development and operation of offline traffic is no less than the input of online traffic. Most of the sales volume of offline stores is mainly based on old customers, in order to avoid this part of the flow loss. Pushing a low price or promotion again may result in a second purchase, but the promotion of ...

·Retail Store Design and Visual Merchandising

[2018-07-06]Retail merchandising encourages a customer to shop in your store rather than in another, and most importantly, converts more shoppers into customers. How to engage a stranger and how to build rapport and trust, you probably want to know.

·Why the North America Demand the Acrylic Display Rack so much?

[2018-03-23]Recently through the data and industry trends on the web, we found that the North American market has a large demand for acrylic display shelves. Because of its good ornamental, easy processing and dyeing properties, acrylic has been applied to various industries, such as shopping malls, display boards, signs, logo, and light boxes and so on....

·Global Display Rack Industry Market Forecast of $13.96 Billion in 2018

[2018-03-14]In today’s economic society, “eyeball economy” and “terminal win” have become increasingly marketable, product sales will also enter the “spike” era——A product in a shopping mall can attract customers or not, depending on the first few seconds of the consumer's attention to the product. As a result, product producers and distributors incr...

·What are the Size Dimensions of the Display Stand?

[2018-01-19]Customer buy a display rack usually need to tell the seller the size, so they needs to have an approximate range to customize a display stand for their products. There may not be an exact size, but you have to have a vague range. For example, you need to understand what the display needs to be placed and how many items to display ... ...

·Brick and Mortar Stores vs. Online Stores

[2017-05-18]In the economic downturn, gradually reduced guest flow, fewer orders make many shoppers panicky. On the contrast, online store are developing more rapidly than before, seizing large proportion of physical stores’ market share.