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·Advertising Words Vacuum Forming Craftwork on Display Stand

[2018-12-12]Advertising words vacuum forming making process Vacuum forming advertising words is also a kind of luminous character. Usually, acrylic plate surface is used to form advertising words, which is composed of base and so on. Then, LED lamp or high-voltage lamp is placed inside. advertising words are often used on high-end display shelves. The main...

·How Does the Display Stand Manufacturer Make Acrylic Balls?

[2018-03-21]Q: How to blow the acrylic board into a hemisphere? A: Acrylic hemispherical blow molding is the production process from acrylic sheet to molding, this needs to be done by the mold. Then you need enough air pressure to put the acrylic in the oven and then put it on the mold. The mold needs to be sealed and then blown through the air g...

·How to Deal with Acrylic Stand Scratch?

[2018-03-16]In general, the acrylic sheet is protected on both sides when it is produced. So be careful when we're working, there is usually no scratch. But what if you noticed these problems and inevitably have scratches? Here the response will tell you how to deal with it.

·How to Make Acrylic Crystal Words

[2018-03-09]Acrylic crystal is characterized by strong light conductivity, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, diversified forms, and so on. And the crystal quality has a special color saturation, which can't be replaced by other words in advertising. For the typesetting and production of acrylic crystal characters, RESPONSY has its own p...

·7 Ways Make the Residue of the Silk Screen Film on the Acrylic Display no Longer become a Trouble

[2018-02-23]The acrylic display is not just for the display of products, but to carrying the brand awareness, and the company's image at most of the time. Therefore, there are silk printing company logo or product description on the acrylic display frame. Screen printing is generally used for simple logo printing in a single color, because the operation...

·Silkscreen printing-a beautiful dot of acrylic products

[2017-06-08]Introduce the history and work principle of silk printing. Display some symbolic silk printing works, Vivid images and clear words to introduce the history and work principle of silk printing. Give some beautiful acrylic display stand images to share.