Why is Acrylic Display Stand More Expensive Than the Others?
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Why is Acrylic Display Stand More Expensive Than the Others?


For those of you who often purchase display rack, the price of an acrylic display rack often makes you feel that the acrylic display rack is more expensive than the others. Why the so much difference in price between the same size but material products? Now let us to find out the real reason together!

1. Cost of produce.

It is one of the most important factor we cannot ignore-cost, which mainly refers to labor cost and material cost.


As the development of economy, the costs of artificial costs are increasing in the industry now, and the rising wages of workers are destined to increase the artificial costs of producing products.


In terms of materials, different size and material require different hardware, lighting, decoration and fabrication of structural materials. The differences between materials also result in the price difference.

Acrylic Display Stand

2.Cost of transport.

Display shelf from the manufacturer to business outlets are generally go through transport of goods, different means of transport (sea, land, air, etc.) result in the different of logistics, in addition to different regional also exist differences in the logistics cost.

Transport Ways of Acrylic Display Stand

3.customized one is usually more expensive.

Some customers have different products than the most on the market. Even products with same brand have great difference. Therefore, the display rack is customized, which will increase the cost of personnel, so many experienced designers and structural designers will be required during whole design process ,besides, cutting different molds and carrying out various tests also result in cost increase (such as display frame structure, performance, etc.).

The above general summarize some factors that influence the price of acrylic products, hope can be helpful to you. If you need any other confused question about acrylic display stand, please contact us!

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