The Importance of Independent Design of Cosmetics Display Stand
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The Importance of Independent Design of Cosmetics Display Stand


According to the statistical analysis of retail prices of cosmetics from January to July 2017, the whole cosmetics industry overall growth. Every company want to gain a part of this big cake, but just a few companies can. Because customer can never be satisfied.

If you want to stand out in so many cosmetic products, a tailor-made display stand is necessary! Why tailor-made display stand is essential? Such a display stand will bring what advantage to users?

1. Highlight the products

Display products is the most basic functions of display, what is the difference between the tailor-made display and the ordinary display stand?

Is the "prominent" word, which has two meanings: First, the display of the product has been highlighted to make their products stand out from other products, so that the new season products can stand out; the second is to highlight the product without exception, and the overall style of the store is harmonious and unobtrusive.

There is a famous saying in human resource management is that puts the right person into the most suitable positions.

acrylic counter cosmetic display stand

△Orderly display method make display more attractive.

2. Special function

Cosmetics display rack in addition to showing the beautiful appearance, there are some functional requirements above, for example, lipstick display rack with a mirror to facilitate customers to apply, put a small cotton remover cotton storage box or drawer to remind customers to remover , The foundation of the display frame needs lighting and so on.

Cosmetics display rack not only require beautiful appearance, but also functional requirements, for example, lipstick display rack with a mirror to facilitate customers to make up. The foundation of the display frame needs lighting and so on.

Personalized demand is derived from providing better and better consumer services. Obviously, the mass production of display stand is unable to meet the individual needs of enterprises.

perfume display acrylic

△Cosmetics display with LED display at the bottom can enhance the display effect

3. Brand promotion

Brand promotion has two important points, one is to be marked, so that consumers can recognize you easily and remember you deeply.

Common cosmetic display stand on the market are almost the same shape, another company can keep use by change the logo. However, there is no more horrible thing for businesses than "your the display stand as the same as another one." Tailor-made display stands that combine brand awareness with product demonstrations, using the line of products that draws consumers' attention to the effect of branding.

The second is we need to be ‘soft’, and to achieve silent penetration.

The most beautiful voice is the voice of silence, clever propaganda is very useful, the jiang nan leather factory by using calling for wheat this way can win the hot topic, but consumers have a low tolerance for such overwhelming advertising and will soon be antagonize. Incorporating brand promotion into the product display rack, using products to distract some attention of the consumers, you will find the threshold of tolerance is elevated, and got obvious reception effect. This two are constantly interacting with each other to achieve the desired effect.

The Importance of Independent Design of Cosmetics Display Stand

4. Establish company image

Some people may wonder, how a small display will be related to a corporate image? The company image display is ubiquitous, and we need to be cautious about the details

Walt Disney is the founder of Disney, he elaborated on the concept of service about the Disney. He said: even though a restaurant's food is superb, service is superb, decoration is also superb,if  the music does not make the customers enjoy, and they will not satisfy your services. Finally, a small and uncoordinated factor may undermine the image of the entire painstakingly run hotel.

acrylic counter cosmetic display stand

△Comprehensive models showcase display functions is completely

The display stand products is just as the same as the first contact between the consumer and the enterprises, she may even be a hurry to write off. People is always careful at the product, so it’s hard to let people to attention to the showcase appearance, and have deep impression. Different material display stand will give people a different association. Acrylic can give people fashion, high-end, elegant, association. Metals give people cold, literary, style, association. Wood give people with healthy, original, taste, association. The enterprises can choice by what you need.

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