How to Choose Display Rack for Small Goods?
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How to Choose Display Rack for Small Goods?


A small commodity, by definition, means something that looks smaller. A product can be derived from a variety of details (e.g., colors, patterns). For example, the blue and white porcelain bowls can produce a variety of different schools, such as Yuan qing hua bowl, Japanese blue flower bowl, and Ming qinghua bowl. When merchants choose display stands for small commodities, they worry about two problems. First, how to display a large number of products? Second, how to display to achieve unobtrusive and beautiful visual effects. For these two issues, we have the following solutions:

1.Choose a landing display rack

First of all, We all know that the display area of the landing display rack is very large, and it is very suitable for a variety of small goods display. Second, You can't choose the landing style display rack without consideration. You have to be targeted, since the commodity is mixed, then in order to make each product can get a good show to attracted the consumer's attention .Then the display of the overall color tone has two choices, that is either pure minimalist or interesting.

2. Select the hook, the lattice display stand

Because of the small size of the small commodity itself, it must have sufficient quantity to find the visual sense of existence. But there is a problem: Chaos, this is also a lot of merchants did not take into account when the small merchandise displays. In fact, it is simple to avoid such a problem, you only need to take this into account when you select a display rack. That is select a hook/grid display rack to avoid this problem. The hook display is suitable for hanging display of small goods, like a spoon, a sachets, a key chain, etc. Plaid display stand is ready for the commodity that too heavy, too small, not easy to hang. Use a grid to separate areas or focus on a grid, such neat display not only achieve beautiful effect, also showed the owner full capacity. 

So, a good display can bring you more than just a beautiful display, the more potential value waiting for you to discover!

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