Details of Acrylic Bonding Steps
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Details of Acrylic Bonding Steps


Step 1:Simulate the bond performance , and then turn off the acrylic protective paper ;

Step 1 of Acrylic Bonding

Step 2: Draw the right amount of UV glue with the black syringe and put on the for next step

Step 2 of Acrylic Bonding

Step 2 of Acrylic Bonding

Step 3:Use a clean cloth (with white Gas) or air gun to clean, dry, and grease free of the acrylic adhesive surface;

Step 3 of Acrylic Bonding

Step 4: The bonding acrylic fixed with profiling, a plurality of bonding in the case of paper tape or protective paper is fixed, which can avoid the process in vibration or displacement;

Step 4 of Acrylic Bonding

Step 5: Use the needle to absorb a proper amount of glue and extrude the air in the tube, push the glue slowly into the adhesive surface. you must focus attention to it and keep a uniform and slowly speed of injection of glue, then wipe out the excess flow glue with a cloth;

Step 5 of Acrylic Bonding

Step 6: Stand a while, energy ultraviolet (365nm)lamp or illumination with high pressure mercury lamp irradiation about 6s, so that can accelerate the speed of glue solidification. Glue will dry quickly in this situation.

Step 6 of Acrylic Bonding

PS: Acrylic can pass through 73% of the ultraviolet, and ordinary glass can only penetrate 0.6%.

Step 7: The display effect of bonding.

Step 7 of Acrylic Bonding


1.The curing time is different according to the thickness of the acrylic, and the glue fixed time is different either. The acrylic is thicker, the time is longer. Testing the light intensity before bonding by UV intensity tester is a good idea to reduce the reject rate.


2. The temperature also has little influence on the activity of the glue. The temperature is lower, the time is longer.

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