According to Five Types Display to Choose Display Stand or Cabinet
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According to Five Types Display to Choose Display Stand or Cabinet


1 The center display method

The center display method is an exhibition grouping method that focuses on the center of the entire exhibition space or exhibition booth. Generally, large-scale display or important display is placed in a striking center, other exhibits are placed in groups by categories. The advantage of this display is that it helps to show the theme of the display expression, finally has an outstanding and crisp effect.

The new season or burst product is always place in the center of the display area. According to the center of display method to create brand display style need to resort to the style prominent, and eye-catching display stand to highlight the effect of the exhibition.

2 linear unit display method

We are based on the characteristics of the display content and exhibits to route along the visit of the partition, sub-block, block and group layout method.

In order to be fit with the overall linear display style, display stand should also be integrated into the appearance of linear elements, whether in the overall or partial to increase some sense of line can play a store grid echoed each other results. In order to create the best display for consumers to display a harmonious and beautiful design of the store, we suggest that you showcase custom design should select a professional team to achieve the most professional results.

3. Close-up display method

It refers to the display method of highlighting the key exhibits, adopting the enlarged display model, and expanding the close-up photographs (or light box films). Close-up display method using "magnification" means to highlight the display, the common practice is the brand posters add to large light boxes, light boxes dazzling effect is unmatched by conventional display rack, but the abuse of this method will inevitably make consumers visually fatigued. And it is a good idea to make the display stand of the product model.

According to Five Types Display to Choose Display Stand or Cabinet

4. Open style display method

It refers to the audience can directly participate in demonstrations, field operations, and touch the display of exhibits. This display can create a kind of cordial, free atmosphere, and it is a commonly used form of display.
The purpose of the open display is to narrow the distance between the consumer and the product. At this moment, we need to incorporate "human" elements in the design of the display stand, and it is not only to perfectly display the product but also to provide the perfect experience for the consumer. Furthermore, we need to considerate the height and the form of the display.

5. Integrated display method

It refers to the serialization of exhibits associated with the characteristics of production, materials, workmanship, function and use.

Guiding by the integrated display method, display stand can according to the material to choice what products to display. If the product to convey the concept of green and healthy, then choose the log of wood display stand. If the product to convey the future sense of science and technology, the choice of metal display stand. If the product to convey noble and refined attitude to life, then the acrylic display stand is a good choice.

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