Acrylic Glue Bonding Strength Test
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Acrylic Glue Bonding Strength Test


As is known to all, acrylic bonding, the main method is to use glue for bonding, but many clients often worry about whether the process is firm, those display stands really can play the next use?


For this reason, our company is to answer the general customer's doubt, specially stipulates each kind of acrylic bonding display needs to text the glue bonding fastness.


Step 1: Randomly choose a set of acrylic display with glue to confirm that the glue has been fully dried and the product is complete.

Acrylic Sample for Test

Step 2: Starting the test, the tester holds the display rack at the level of two hands, which forces the force to form the opposite direction of the product.

Acrylic Glue Bonding Strength Test

Step 3: Last, a gradual increase in strength.


Step 4: Under the force of tension, the acrylic plate appears to be damaged, but there is no separation of the acrylic bonding part, which can be proved: Glue bonding strength > Acrylic itself strength, even if the display frame is affected by a major impact, the crack of acrylic plate will not appear to be bonded separation.

Acrylic Glue Bonding Strength Test

Acrylic display shelf, therefore, not only beautiful is still very strong, as the saying goes, the look in again! If you have any questions about the acrylic display, please consult!

Acrylic Glue Bonding Strength Test

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